Profession Highlight: Landscape Gardener
16 December 2021
Working as a landscape gardener is a fantastic career choice for those who love nature and the great outdoors. Whether it’s working on a small garden or over the expanse of a large property, no two gardens are the same which makes every day unique.
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Customer Retention: How to Keep Them Coming Back
02 December 2021
Gaining a new customer is great, but customer retention is the thing that will elevate your business from successful to thriving.
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Tips for Hiring a Good Apprentice
02 November 2021
When it comes to finding new workers, there’s always an element of the unknown – especially when it comes to hiring an apprentice who are usually young people with little work experience.
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Tradie Partners - Tips for Living with a Tradie
02 November 2021
We often talk about tradies, but one thing we forget to touch on is those living with a tradie – the tradie partners! Here’s some tips for tradie partners.
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Handy Hints for Tradies in Lockdown
24 September 2021
With worksites going in and out of lockdown, tradies are beginning to struggle with ways to keep themselves occupied.
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Why Hiring Women in Trade is the Way to Go
16 September 2021
Only 2% of women make up the trades industry despite their skillset and capabilities. Here's why you should hire women in trade.
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7 Ways to Attract New Client Leads
23 August 2021
Attracting new leads as a tradie might be tough, but there are so many ways to go about it.
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Pros and Cons: The Best Vehicles for Tradies
10 August 2021
Time for a new vehicle? Whether you just bought a new one or your old one is falling to bits, it’s never too soon for an upgrade.
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How to Deal with Difficult Contractors or clients
01 August 2021
Working onsite is no easy job – there’s the early morning starts, constant battling of the elements and often dangerous equipment involved. Throw in some tricky clients or difficult contractors and sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you’d rather deal with a scorching hot day!
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How Important is Hi-Vis Clothing on a Worksite?
15 July 2021
When it comes to the worksite, safety must always come first. Hi-Vis clothing is one of the most simple, effective and inexpensive measures to put in place to improve the safety of staff on the worksite.
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How to Find the Right Work Life Balance for You
01 July 2021
If you work as a tradie, you’ll know the struggle of finding the perfect work life balance. If the balance is out of whack, everyday things may feel overwhelming at times or even impossible.
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How to Choose the Best Workwear for You
15 June 2021
Whether it’s for a new business or you decide to refresh your current uniforms, choosing the best workwear for your industry may be tough to navigate. From electricians to builders, plumbers to painters, we’ve got your guide on how to choose the best workwear for you.
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How to Stand Out from Your Competition
15 May 2021
In a world full of increasing and evolving technology as well as constantly changing marketing techniques, it might feel like you’re behind before you even start. Throughout this blog, we will discuss how you can stand out from your competition and the best ways to do so.
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Back to Basics – Tradie Do's and Don’ts
15 April 2021
As a tradie, you get a lot of instruction and advice every day – from when you are an apprentice right up until you are a foreman. Take a look as we head back to basics, and explore the tradie do's and don’ts, as well as everyday behaviour onsite.
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How to Ditch Maccas and Eat Healthy Onsite
15 March 2021
Eating well as a tradie can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the temptation to buy fast food is there due to price, taste and convenience. However, it is important that tradies fuel their bodies with the right foods to combat their physically demanding jobs.
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