To Wrap or Not to Wrap

Last updated at: 2020-11-01

Whether your business is large or small, you may have contemplated car wrapping as a form of advertising. Car wraps can be aesthetically pleasing, and they’re a way of obtaining new leads simply by going about your day.

However, some businesses may be a bit hesitant to turn their mode of transport into a moving billboard! We’ve put together a list of pros and cons for those considering wrapping their vehicle.

Let’s go with the pros:

Increased Exposure

Depending on how far you travel for work or how frequently you travel between jobs, having a car wrap could reach thousands of people every day, whether they be other drivers or pedestrians. It also gives other drivers a chance to read about your business while stopped at the lights.

Just like a branded uniform, car wraps are also a way of showcasing your brand wherever you go, and they give off an air of professionalism.

Upfront Cost

Depending on which way you want to look at it, this can be either a pro or a con. Unlike other digital marketing advertising where you often pay for each click/conversion, car wraps are a one-off upfront payment. However, depending on the style of your car and the size of the wrap, these can cost you anywhere from $3,000 - $6,000 on average.


If well cared for, car wraps can last anywhere from 5-7 years. If you are also looking to trade in your work vehicle after some time, a wrap can also protect the factory paint job, making it favourable when handing back to your dealer. Wraps are easier to remove if desired, whereas a paint job advertising your business cannot come off.

How about those cons:

24/7 Brand Surveillance

Not only do you turn your ute into a moving billboard, but you or whoever is driving will always be under scrutiny. Having a car wrap is an easy way for your business to be identified and affiliated with anything negative that may arise. As people tend to take more notice of a car with advertising, it is crucial that whoever is driving needs to make sure that they are diligent with obeying road rules, driving safely, and most importantly, not partaking in any form of road rage!


As mentioned above, this could fall into either. Unfortunately, a good wrap doesn’t come cheap, and depending on your industry and area, your ROI may not be worth it.

Improper Installation

If your wrap isn’t fixed by a professional, there is a chance it will do some damage. Wraps won’t take the paint off your ute unless you have patches of peeling paint that aren’t taken care of. Older paint jobs or areas on the vehicle with multiple dents may also skew or warp the appearance of the wrap when installing.

What are your thoughts on wrapping your ute?